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Chandler Police: Employers Steal Twice as Much Through Wage Theft

In a shocking revelation, a recent tweet by TraderJoesFan (@TraderJoesFan1) has brought to light a concerning issue that often goes unnoticed – wage theft by employers. The tweet states, “Friendly reminder that employers steal twice as much as criminals do via wage theft. Yet you never see police investigating this.” This eye-opening statement highlights a… Read More »

Outrage over HB 601 Giving State Control in Law Enforcement Complaints

In a recent tweet, Representative Tom Keen expressed his concerns about House Bill 601, which pertains to complaints against law enforcement and correctional officers. According to Keen, this bill could potentially strip local authorities of their power and hand complete control over investigations to the state. Let’s delve deeper into the implications of HB 601… Read More »

Police Seek Evidence at Owasso High School in Nex Benedict Death

Police Investigate Death of Nex Benedict at Owasso High School In a shocking turn of events, police are investigating the death of Nex Benedict at Owasso High School. A search warrant has been issued, allowing authorities to search for traces of blood and other evidence at the school. The case has sparked outrage and calls… Read More »

Police Investigate Homemade Dummy Near Highway 401 Woodstock

In a bizarre turn of events, authorities are currently investigating a homemade dummy that was left near Highway 401 outside Woodstock. The discovery of this unusual item has left many residents and officials puzzled, with questions swirling about who could be behind this strange occurrence. The dummy was first spotted by passersby on the side… Read More »

Police Investigation Finds Nothing in @deecelt @AdvocateCal Case

In a shocking turn of events, the Metropolitan and Scottish police have concluded a six-month investigation into a mysterious case with no tangible leads. The case, which has captured the attention of the public, has left many scratching their heads in disbelief. The investigation, which began six months ago, was shrouded in secrecy as authorities… Read More »

Antivax Universe: Police Ignore Clear-Cut Murder Case

In a shocking turn of events, a recent tweet from a bemused medic has revealed a disturbing trend in the anti-vax universe. The tweet, which has since gone viral, claims that the police are not interested in investigating what appears to be a clear-cut case of murder. The tweet, posted by user @NicotineLozeng on February… Read More »