Derby County chooses David Nugent over Ollie Watkins in 2017 deal

By | July 11, 2024

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Derby County opted to sign David Nugent over Ollie Watkins back in 2017. The decision, which has now resurfaced thanks to a tweet from the Second Tier podcast, has left many fans questioning the club’s judgment at the time.

The tweet, posted on July 10, 2024, by the Second Tier podcast, stated, “In 2017, Derby County pulled out of signing Ollie Watkins so they could get David Nugent.” This revelation has sparked a debate amongst football enthusiasts, with many wondering what could have been if Derby had chosen to sign Watkins instead.

Ollie Watkins, who currently plays for Premier League side Aston Villa, has proven himself to be a prolific goalscorer in recent seasons. His talent and potential were evident even back in 2017, when Derby County had the opportunity to bring him to Pride Park. However, the club ultimately decided to pursue David Nugent instead, a seasoned striker with a wealth of experience in the English game.

The decision to sign Nugent over Watkins may have seemed like a sensible choice at the time, given Nugent’s proven track record in the Championship. Nugent had previously played for clubs such as Portsmouth, Leicester City, and Middlesbrough, establishing himself as a reliable goalscorer at that level. His experience and leadership qualities were likely seen as valuable assets for Derby County as they aimed for promotion to the Premier League.

However, hindsight is a powerful thing, and looking back now, it is clear that Derby County may have missed out on a golden opportunity by not signing Ollie Watkins. Since joining Aston Villa in 2020, Watkins has been a standout performer for the club, consistently finding the back of the net and attracting interest from top clubs in England.

The revelation of Derby County’s decision to sign Nugent over Watkins has sparked a debate on social media, with fans and pundits alike weighing in on the matter. Some have criticized the club’s decision-making process, questioning why they passed up the chance to sign a promising young talent like Watkins. Others have defended the choice to sign Nugent, citing his experience and proven ability at Championship level.

Regardless of differing opinions, one thing is clear – football is a game of uncertainties, and decisions made in the past can have a lasting impact on a club’s fortunes. In this case, Derby County’s decision to sign David Nugent over Ollie Watkins is a reminder of the fine margins that can determine success or failure in the world of football.

As fans continue to discuss and debate this revelation, one thing is certain – the story of Derby County’s decision to sign Nugent over Watkins will go down in football history as a moment of what could have been. Only time will tell if this decision ultimately hindered the club’s progress or if it was simply a case of missed opportunity in the ever-unpredictable world of football transfers..


secondtierpod said In 2017, Derby County pulled out of signing Ollie Watkins so they could get David Nugent.


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