Smokie Guy Claims City Hall Reneged on Promises After Heroic Act in Nairobi

By | June 24, 2024

The story of Dominic Gekonge, also known as the “smokie guy”, has captured the hearts of many in Nairobi. His act of heroism in assisting a mother in labor on Tom Mboya Street has made him a local legend. However, recent reports suggest that City Hall officials have failed to fulfill their promises to him, leaving him feeling betrayed and disappointed.

Dominic Gekonge is a street food vendor who has become a familiar face in Nairobi. His signature dish of smoked sausages, or “smokies”, has earned him a loyal following of customers. But it was his actions off the streets that truly made him a hero. When a pregnant woman went into labor on Tom Mboya Street, Gekonge sprang into action, helping her deliver the baby safely before emergency services arrived. His quick thinking and bravery saved both the mother and child’s lives, earning him widespread praise and recognition.

Following his act of heroism, Gekonge was promised assistance by Nairobi County officials. They pledged to support him in various ways, recognizing his selfless actions and the positive impact he had on the community. However, it seems that these promises have not been fulfilled, leaving Gekonge feeling let down and disillusioned.

In a statement to the press, Gekonge expressed his disappointment with City Hall officials. He claimed that despite their assurances, he has not received any tangible support or assistance. This has left him struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family, despite his newfound fame and recognition.

The story of Dominic Gekonge highlights the challenges faced by many street vendors and small business owners in Nairobi. While they play a vital role in the local economy and provide essential services to the community, they often lack the support and resources they need to thrive. Gekonge’s case serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and valuing the contributions of these individuals, and the need for authorities to follow through on their commitments to them.

As news of Gekonge’s plight spreads, many in Nairobi have rallied behind him, offering their support and solidarity. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help Gekonge and his family during this difficult time, with donations pouring in from well-wishers and supporters. The response to the campaign has been overwhelming, demonstrating the power of community and solidarity in times of need.

In conclusion, the story of Dominic Gekonge, the “smokie guy”, is a powerful reminder of the impact one person can have on their community. His act of heroism and selflessness have earned him widespread praise and recognition, but it is essential that promises made to him are fulfilled. The support and solidarity shown by the people of Nairobi are a testament to the strength of community spirit, and the importance of standing together in times of need. Gekonge’s story serves as a call to action for authorities to honor their commitments and support those who make a difference in their communities..


C_NyaKundiH said Nairobi street food vendor Dominic Gekonge famously known as "smokie guy" after gaining prominence for assisting a mother in labor on Tom Mboya Street claims City Hall officials reneged on promises made to him following a notable act of heroism.

According to him Nairobi County


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