NMSP investigating sheriff’s office shooting in Lincoln County: What happened?

By | June 24, 2024

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Investigation into Shooting Involving Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

New Mexico State Police are currently conducting an investigation into a shooting involving the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The incident took place at the Family Dollar store in Capitan, where deputies responded to a report of shoplifting. The suspects, identified as 22-year-old Victor Herrera and 25-year-old Maggie Mondragon, were reportedly in a stolen truck when deputies attempted to pull them over.

Suspects Attempt to Flee

Upon being approached by the deputies, both suspects made an attempt to flee the scene. Mondragon was apprehended by the authorities, but Herrera managed to escape and proceeded to steal another pickup truck. A subsequent pursuit ensued, during which a shot was fired.

Arrest and Charges

Deputies were eventually able to stop Herrera’s vehicle and place him under arrest. He sustained minor injuries during the chase and was subsequently treated. Herrera is now facing charges for the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer.

Victor Herrera’s Background

Victor Herrera, the 22-year-old suspect involved in the shooting incident, has a history of run-ins with the law. Prior to this incident, Herrera had been arrested multiple times for various offences, including theft and assault. Despite his young age, Herrera has already established a reputation for being involved in criminal activities.

Maggie Mondragon’s Role

Maggie Mondragon, the 25-year-old accomplice of Herrera, has a less extensive criminal record. However, her involvement in the recent incident has raised questions about her association with Herrera and the nature of their relationship. Authorities are currently investigating Mondragon’s background to determine the extent of her involvement in criminal activities.

Police Response

The response by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and the New Mexico State Police highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in dealing with suspects who are willing to resort to violence to evade capture. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks and dangers faced by those tasked with maintaining law and order in the community.


As the investigation into the shooting involving the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office continues, authorities are working diligently to gather evidence and piece together the events that led to the violent confrontation. The outcome of the investigation will shed light on the circumstances surrounding the incident and help ensure that justice is served for all those involved..

1. NMSP investigating sheriff’s office shooting in Lincoln County
2. NMSP investigating sheriff’s office shooting in Lincoln County incident.

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