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By | June 23, 2024

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**Woman Charged with Attempted Capital Murder and Injury to a Child in Texas**

In a disturbing incident that has shaken the community, a woman in Texas has been charged with attempted capital murder and injury to a child after trying to drown a 3-year-old child at an apartment complex pool. The accused, Elizabeth Wolf, 42, made racial statements during the attack, according to police reports.

**Disturbance at Apartment Complex Pool**

The incident took place on May 19 at an apartment complex pool in Euless, Texas. Police responded to a call about a disturbance between two women, one of whom was identified as Elizabeth Wolf. Witnesses at the scene reported that Wolf, who was allegedly intoxicated, attempted to drown a child and engaged in an argument with the child’s mother.

**Racial Statements and Attack**

According to the victim’s mother, who is of Muslim and Palestinian descent, Wolf questioned her nationality and made derogatory remarks. The mother, who was wearing a hijab and modest swimwear, recounted how Wolf targeted her children and attempted to grab her 6-year-old son before focusing her attention on the 3-year-old daughter.

**Traumatic Aftermath**

The mother managed to rescue her daughter from the water, but the child was left traumatized by the incident. The family, originally from Palestine, expressed their fear and uncertainty following the attack, highlighting the need for safety and security in their community.

**Legal Proceedings and Bail**

Elizabeth Wolf was arrested by Euless Police Department officers and charged with attempted capital murder and injury to a child. She posted bail from Tarrant County Jail, with bond amounts set at $25,000 and $15,000 respectively. The case has raised concerns about hate crimes and the rise of Islamophobia in the region.

**Community Response**

The Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for a hate crime investigation into the incident, urging state and federal authorities to take action to protect the Muslim family and community. Local representatives, including Texas Rep. Salman Bhojani, have condemned the attack and offered support to the affected family.

**Appeal for Justice**

Shaimaa Zayan, the council’s Austin operations manager, has called for a thorough investigation into the incident and a dialogue with officials to address Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiments. The community is seeking justice and reassurance in the wake of this disturbing event.

**Moving Forward**

As the legal process unfolds and the community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic incident, there is a renewed urgency to address issues of discrimination and intolerance. The safety and well-being of all residents, regardless of their background, must be prioritized to prevent such acts of violence in the future..

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