“Questions arise over J6 committee findings and denial of more guard”

By | June 17, 2024

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The questions surrounding the J6 committee’s decision to erase their findings and Speaker Pelosi’s denial of more National Guard presence on January 6th are troubling to many. These actions raise concerns about transparency and accountability in our government. Why would the committee erase important information that could shed light on what truly happened that day? And why would Pelosi deny additional security measures when the situation clearly called for it?

Furthermore, the lack of obituaries for anyone other than Ashlie who died on that day raises even more questions. Were there other casualties that have been overlooked or ignored? It is important to remember and honor all those who lost their lives on January 6th, not just one individual.

As rational thinkers, it is our duty to question and seek answers to these important issues. We cannot simply accept things at face value, especially when there are inconsistencies and discrepancies in the information provided. It is only through asking tough questions and demanding transparency that we can hold our leaders accountable and ensure that justice is served.

To dismiss these concerns as mere insults is a dangerous mindset that undermines the principles of democracy. We must continue to push for truth and accountability, even in the face of adversity. Only then can we truly honor the memory of those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

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