Songolo Mtambala : “Man arrested for robbing and shooting teen”

By | April 3, 2024

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Teenager Robbed and Shot in Nashville

In a harrowing incident last month, a teenager was robbed and shot in the leg in Nashville, Tennessee. The victim, who remains unnamed, was walking from his home when he was confronted by a man with a semi-automatic handgun. The suspect, later identified as 20-year-old Songolo Mtambala, demanded the victim’s backpack and phone before shooting him in each leg.

police Response and Arrest

Authorities were called to the scene at 217 Tropic Isle Court on March 13, around noon. Upon arrival, officers found the teenager with gunshot wounds and immediately rushed him to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for treatment. The victim recounted the terrifying ordeal to police, stating that he heard someone behind him before being shot by Mtambala.

Identification and Capture

Despite the traumatic experience, the victim was able to provide crucial information to the police. Through Instagram, the victim shared the suspect’s “rap name,” leading officers to identify Mtambala in a photo lineup. The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with especially aggravated robbery. Mtambala is currently being held on a $150,000 bond.

Community Shock and Outrage

The incident has sent shockwaves through the Nashville community, with residents expressing outrage at the senseless violence. Many have voiced their support for the victim and his family, calling for justice to be served. Local authorities have assured the public that they are actively investigating the case and are committed to ensuring the safety of all residents.

Impact on Victim and Family

The victim’s family has been left reeling from the traumatic event, struggling to come to terms with the senseless act of violence. The teenager, who is still recovering from his injuries, has been receiving support from loved ones and the community at large. Despite the physical and emotional toll, the family remains hopeful for a swift resolution and justice for their son.

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As the investigation into the robbery and shooting continues, the Nashville community remains vigilant in supporting the victim and holding the perpetrator accountable. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased safety measures and vigilance in neighborhoods. Authorities urge anyone with information to come forward and assist in bringing closure to the victim and his family..

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