Unnamed individual : “Migrant Electrocuted on Eurostar Roof: Tragic Incident on London-bound Train”

By | February 12, 2024

– Migrant electrocuted on Eurostar roof
– Migrant electrocuted on London-bound Eurostar.

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Tragic Death of Migrant Climbing Eurostar Train in Paris

A man, who remains unidentified, tragically lost his life after being electrocuted while attempting to climb on top of a Eurostar train in Paris. The incident took place at the Gare du Nord station last Thursday, and police sources have confirmed that the individual came into contact with a live wire above the stationary train, resulting in fatal injuries.


According to security camera footage, the man crossed over tracks from another platform at around 10pm local time on February 8, before suffering the electric shock. Shockingly, his body reportedly burst into flames upon contact with the live wire. Despite efforts to save him, the man succumbed to his injuries at the scene half an hour later.

While police have stated that they believe the man was a migrant, his body was severely damaged by the electric shock, making it difficult to determine his exact identity. Authorities have initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death, which will be led by border police at the Gare du Nord station.

The incident caused some disruption to the scheduled service of the Eurostar trains. These trains, departing from Gare du Nord, connect Paris with Brussels, Amsterdam, and London via the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar has been in the spotlight recently due to efforts by both Paris and London to prevent irregular migrant crossings to the UK, particularly via small boats across the Channel.

This tragic event is not the first of its kind involving a migrant attempting to stow away on top of a Eurostar train. In 2017, another migrant lost their life due to electrocution. While the number of migrants crossing the Channel via trucks and trains has decreased in recent years, small boat crossings have surged. In fact, last Saturday alone, 124 migrants on board three small boats successfully made the dangerous crossing.

The death of this unidentified migrant serves as a somber reminder of the risks individuals are willing to take in their quest for a better life. As the number of migrants attempting to cross the Channel continues to fluctuate, it remains a pressing issue that requires ongoing attention and collaborative efforts between countries to ensure the safety and security of all involved..

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