Genesse Ivonne Moreno : “Texas Church Shooting: Suspect’s Son Injured, Police Reveal”

By | February 12, 2024

By Trend News Line 2024-02-12 19:37:56.

The Son of the Texas Church Shooter Identified as the Victim

The tragic shooting incident that unfolded at a Texas megachurch on Sunday took a heartbreaking turn when it was revealed that the critically injured young boy was actually the son of the shooter. The authorities confirmed this devastating news on Monday.

The shooter, identified as 36-year-old Genesse Ivonne Moreno, had a history of mental illness, having been placed under emergency detention in 2016. The motive behind the shooting is still unknown as investigators continue their work.


Using an AR-style rifle, Moreno opened fire in the church before being confronted and killed by off-duty officers who were working security at the time. Meanwhile, Moreno’s son remains in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head. Initially believed to be a 5-year-old, the boy’s age has not been confirmed.

In an affidavit seeking a search warrant for Moreno’s home, it was revealed that the shooter was carrying an AR-style rifle during the attack. The search warrant affidavit also requested assistance from the FBI in retrieving data from electronic devices found in the home.

The shooting took place at Lakewood Church, led by celebrity pastor Joel Osteen, which sees a weekly attendance of 45,000 people. Osteen expressed gratitude that the violence occurred during a less crowded service, preventing further casualties.

Houston police Chief Troy Finner provided further details about the incident. Moreno entered the church wearing a trench coat and backpack, armed with a long rifle. Two off-duty officers, a Houston police officer and a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent, confronted the shooter and returned fire, ultimately ending the threat.

During the confrontation, Moreno claimed there was a bomb, but subsequent searches found no explosives. The search warrant affidavit mentioned the shooter had items consistent with the manufacture of explosive devices.

While the investigation continues, the focus also remains on the young boy who was caught in the crossfire. The circumstances of how he was struck by gunfire are still unclear. Chief Finner expressed concern that the shooter’s actions put the child in danger.

This tragic incident has shaken the congregation and the community at large. As they come to terms with the horrifying event, they seek solace and support from each other..

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