PDP in Kwara State Defeated as APC Takes Control of Governorship, Senators, Reps, and Assembly

By | November 29, 2023

“PDP’s Defeat in Kwara State: APC Secures Governorship, Senate, House of Reps, and Assembly Seats”


Title: PDP Suffers Devastating Defeat in Kwara State as APC Sweeps Elections

In a resounding victory for the All Progressives Congress (APC), the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been declared dead and buried in Kwara State. The electoral triumph of the APC was made evident by their sweeping success in various political offices across the state.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, a member of the APC, secured a decisive win in the gubernatorial election, solidifying his position as the leader of Kwara State. This victory not only highlights the popularity and support for the APC but also showcases the diminishing influence of the PDP in the region.

Furthermore, the APC emerged triumphant in the race for three senatorial seats, securing a majority in the upper chamber of the National Assembly. This significant achievement further solidifies the ruling party’s power and control in Kwara State.

The APC’s success extended to the lower chamber of the National Assembly as well, with the party securing victory in six out of the available House of Representatives seats. This impressive feat underscores the widespread support and confidence in the APC’s ability to govern effectively and bring about positive change.

At the state level, the PDP suffered a crushing defeat as the APC won a staggering 24 out of the 24 House of Assembly seats. This landslide victory demonstrates the overwhelming rejection of the PDP by the people of Kwara State, reflecting a loss of faith in the party’s ability to represent their interests.

The resounding victory of the APC in Kwara State sends a strong message to the opposition about the power of genuine political engagement and the futility of relying on propaganda and fake news to win elections. It reflects the desire of the people for accountable leadership and a government that prioritizes their welfare and development.

As the PDP licks its wounds and reflects on the reasons for its defeat, the APC celebrates a significant milestone in its quest to consolidate power and implement its agenda for progress and prosperity in Kwara State..

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