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By | September 16, 2023

A Twitter user named NEFERTITI LITE has declared that no “Obidient” should have fewer than 5k followers on the platform. They encouraged users to drop their handles, like and repost in order to gain more followers.

Title: Social Media Sensation: No Obidient Should Have Less Than 5k Followers on X

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In a surprising announcement on social media, NEFERTITI LITE, a prominent influencer and Twitter user with a large following, has sparked a frenzy among her fans and fellow users. NEFERTITI LITE, known for her captivating content and influential posts, declared that no “Obidient” should have less than 5k followers on the platform X.

The tweet, posted on September 16, 2023, quickly gained traction, as users flocked to the comment section to drop their handles and express their support. NEFERTITI LITE urged her followers to like and repost the tweet, fostering a sense of community and encouraging users to follow each other.

This call for increased follower counts has ignited a debate about the significance of social media metrics and their role in establishing one’s credibility and influence. While some argue that follower count is merely a vanity metric, others believe that a higher number of followers can lead to greater exposure and opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships.

NEFERTITI LITE’s tweet has inspired many to actively engage with their followers and seek new connections on the platform X. Users are eagerly sharing their handles, liking and reposting the tweet, and actively following each other in an effort to reach the coveted 5k follower milestone.

As social media continues to evolve, the importance placed on metrics such as follower counts remains a topic of discussion. NEFERTITI LITE’s call for increased followers has certainly sparked a conversation and prompted users to reflect on their online presence and influence.

Whether this trend will have a lasting impact on the platform X or serve as a fleeting moment, only time will tell. However, for now, the race to 5k followers among Obidient users is on..

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