Saudi Arabia extends invitation to Yemen’s Houthi delegation, seeks ceasefire negotiations in Riyadh.

By | September 15, 2023

Saudi Arabia has invited a delegation from Yemen’s Houthi group to Riyadh for ceasefire talks, according to the country’s State News Agency.

In a significant development towards ending the ongoing conflict in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has extended an invitation to the Houthi delegation for ceasefire talks in Riyadh. The announcement was made by the State News Agency, marking a potential breakthrough in the long-standing conflict.

The invitation comes as a result of increasing international pressure to find a peaceful resolution to the Yemeni crisis, which has caused immense suffering and instability in the region. The Houthi rebels have been engaged in a protracted war with the Saudi-led coalition, resulting in a humanitarian catastrophe and widespread devastation.

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The ceasefire talks in Riyadh are seen as a positive step towards de-escalation and finding a political solution to the conflict. The Saudi government has expressed its commitment to ending the violence and restoring stability in Yemen. The invitation indicates a willingness to engage with all parties involved and work towards a sustainable peace agreement.

The international community has welcomed the news and expressed hope that the talks will lead to a lasting ceasefire and pave the way for broader negotiations on political, economic, and humanitarian issues in Yemen. The United Nations has been actively involved in mediating between the warring factions and has repeatedly called for an end to the hostilities.

As the Houthi delegation prepares to travel to Riyadh, the world watches with anticipation, hoping that this could be a turning point in the Yemeni conflict. The success of the ceasefire talks will depend on the willingness of both parties to compromise and prioritize the well-being of the Yemeni people..

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