Public Debate: Should a Drug Dealer Serve as President Despite 10-Year Prosecution? Join the Discussion!

By | September 13, 2023

A tweet by Johnson Agiriga asks whether people support or oppose drug dealer Bola Tinubu becoming President due to the prosecution being over 10 years. The tweet urges people to retweet and gather until 20K to “scare them.” The tweet also mentions various other topics and hashtags.

In a shocking turn of events, a tweet by Johnson Agiriga has sparked a heated debate on social media regarding Nigerian politician Bola Tinubu’s potential presidential candidacy. Agiriga’s tweet, which has since gone viral, asks the public whether they support or oppose Tinubu’s bid for presidency due to his alleged involvement in drug dealing over a decade ago.

The tweet has gained significant traction, with Agiriga urging users to retweet it until it reaches 20,000 retweets. The intention behind this massive retweet campaign, according to Agiriga, is to “scare” those who may be considering Tinubu as a potential candidate.

The controversial tweet has not only created a divided opinion among the public but has also reignited the ongoing debate surrounding the issue of rehabilitation and second chances for individuals with criminal records. Some argue that Tinubu’s alleged involvement in drug dealing should disqualify him from holding any public office, while others advocate for his right to seek redemption and believe that his past should not define his future.

As the discussions continue to unfold on social media platforms, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact Tinubu’s political aspirations and the public’s perception of him. Meanwhile, Nigerians eagerly await further developments and the official response from Tinubu’s camp regarding these accusations..

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