Leicester Police Seek Witnesses for Rutland Street Fight, Urging Public Cooperation

By | September 11, 2023

Leicestershire Police are investigating a fight on Rutland Street and are calling for witnesses to come forward. The incident occurred in Central Leicester, and officers are urging anyone with information to assist in their investigation.


Officers from the Central Leicester Police department are currently investigating a fight that took place on Rutland Street. The authorities are urging any individuals who witnessed the incident to come forward with any information they may have. The incident occurred recently, and the police are keen on gathering as much evidence as possible to aid in their investigation.

The Central Leicester Police have made a public statement on their official Twitter account, appealing to the public for assistance in solving the case. The tweet includes an image of the location where the altercation took place, showing officers at the scene. The post also includes a link to an article for further information on the incident.

The police are asking anyone who may have been in the vicinity of Rutland Street at the time of the fight to come forward and share any details they may have. Eyewitness accounts and any video or photographic evidence could prove crucial in identifying the individuals involved and determining the circumstances that led to the altercation.

Local residents are urged to contact the Central Leicester Police department directly or provide any relevant information through the designated channels. The authorities assure the public that all information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Investigations into the incident are ongoing, and the police are hopeful that with the help of the community, they will be able to bring the responsible parties to justice swiftly..

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